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The details' in the data

As a digital marketing agency, we use smart data to give us better marketing results and a higher ROI for our clients. Data driven marketing campaigns lead to higher conversions and an increased lead acquisition. The metrics we acquire through data focused campaigns help us to develop better strategies and campaigns for our customers, thus leading to higher returns. 

Paid Social Media

Paid social media is the fastest and most effective way to reach your customers. This is a guaranteed solution to help you scale your business, when done right of course. Our team will help you engage and attract your ideal customer online, giving you a return on your ad spend.

Omnichannel marketing

Facebook advertising allows you to reach a wide variety of audiences based on a number of search criteria. These include interests such as: birthdays or anniversaries. Demographics like: lifestyles, social activity and even purchasing power. It’s the wealth of this type of data that help us achieve our clients’ business goals.
LinkedIn gets your company’s message, product or service in front of more than 800 million professionals. This network of people are among the most engaged on the planet.
Google however, gets your business or brand in front of thousands of potential customers, when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search, Maps and even Google partner sites. 

Our Ads process

Campaign Development

Each ad campaign is developed from the ground up with a single idea in mind. This idea is created by us and is centred around an objective that ties into the overall sales goals of your business.


Your campaigns are shown to people who are most likely to find your product or service relevant. We will define your audiences by three segments: Customs, Core and Lookalike.


We call this the science lab. Ad campaigns are tried and tested in order for us to gain valuable data on your customers. All campaigns are ABC split tested giving us valuable information on which campaigns are performing better.

Data Analysis

Every campaign we deploy for you undergoes extensive analysing, to ensure that we are constantly maximising on the data we're getting from your audiences and campaigns.

Campaign refinement

The data we derive from your campaign research help us better refine each campaign. This gives us a clear path toward achieving the reach and conversions needed to scale your business.


We provide a custom digital marketing report built specifically for your business to help you create a repeatable, scalable, and profitable digital marketing strategy and sales funnel.

A little About Us

Eightysix Marketing is a data focused, digital marketing agency based in Johannesburg, founded in 2016. Our company thrives on this vision: To become a well-known brand and a respected agency in South Africa by driving more sales and revenue for our customers in Africa.

Our mission is simple: To help our clients attract and acquire more customers and how we do this by placing Our Values are at the forefront of every decision made and every campaign we run and analyse.

Digital marketing agency

Mobile marketing

All inclusive package

We charge a flat fee and in exchange for that fee, we provide the following services:


We conceptualise your campaigns to ensure that it captures the attention of your ideal customer/audience.


We develop digital visual assets that emotionally connect with your ideal customer.


We will position your online ad campaigns to reach your ideal audience on strategic digital channels.


We provide a custom digital marketing scale report, built specifically for your business.

Sales conversions

The effectiveness of your campaigns are measured by how many viewers we convert into new customers.

No contracts! no ridiculous retainers!

Buying digital media to understand data is kinda like an extreme sport, it’s quick, action packed and exhilarating at times but mostly it’s quick. Our All Inclusive solution takes your campaigns from ideology to revenue producing customers fast. And within no time, we will be reporting to you on your profitable campaigns.

Paid Social Solutions For Your Business

Digital marketing Solutions For Your Business

Marketing your business digitally means that we are able to meticulously map out customers that you want to reach.

One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that, as professional marketers, we are now able to promote your business to an audience that is specifically targeted to your business. The added benefit here is that these people are already engaged and in many cases ready to transact.

Digital advertising allows you to reach a variety of audience members based on their interests, location, age, gender and even frequent habits such as traveling or social activities etc.  The aim is to convert viewers into customers with digital marketing solutions that are strategically focused for your business. 

Digital Marketing Agency Johannesburg
Online Advertising

Digital marketing that convert viewers into paying customers

Digital marketing agency that coverts

We’re not into vanity metrics! We can’t prove ROI on ‘Likes’! Our ad campaigns are created with the intention of a viewer converting into a paying customer. Every ad campaign is studied and analysed to ensure that it delivers on the preset options we have determined. 

Using targeting options like: age, gender, buyer demographics and even specific customer or people interests. It is now easier to sell your product or service to your customers.

Every month we provide our clients a brief yet thorough report of their ad spend and the results we have achieved.

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    a data focused, digital marketing agency

    a data focused, digital marketing agency

    We have intentionally set out to provide you a digital marketing service that utilises online channels and digital technologies. Our core service offerings are: Facebook ads; LinkedIn ads, Google ads, SEO and E-commerce solutions.

    Digital Marketing Agency Johannesburg

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